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JAV: Alison awoke being strung in the air having her hands tied above her head and her legs chained to a wall on either side of the room keeping her spread she didn’t know i was right in front of her in the dark , i modified a Darth Vader voice changer mask and modified it to conceal my voice and identity i turned a light on and we were now face to face i could see the fear in her eyes the same fear I’ve had when I got ganged up at school this felt great to see this feeling from the outside my dialogue begins "Alison all your life you have been little miss popular being all beautiful and opening your legs to get you ahead of everyone else let’s see if you can fuck your way out of this" the fear grew on Alison's face as i approached her closer removing my clothes in front of her exposing my cock in front of her face i flipped a switch that activated a pump i explained to her that there is a balloon made out of a strong material in her asshole connected to a pump that’s slowly making the balloon expand in her ass and eventually her ass will give way breaking the insides of your body but there is a way she can get out of it witch is the sentence that made my cock rise higher and harder in front of Allison’s face I told her that the balloon will stop expanding once I cum and there is only one way she can make me cum and that’s with her mouth I reminded her that her mouth was her own tool of destruction that got her out of almost everything at school so she should have no problem blowing her way out of this I also reminded if she refuses, screams, talks or bites my cock I will increase the speed of the balloon expanding with my remote and her beautiful bubble butt will break open Big tits There was this one girl i always wanted to fuck badly she was miss perfect the right amount of junk in all the right places long golden blondish brown hair down past her shoulders perfect waterbomb sized boobs an explosion of tiny freckles on her cheeks piercing green eyes and an hour glassed shape body she was obviously one of the most popular girls in the school she goes out gets drunk she fucks like a rabbit smokes like a chimney but then again a guy like me no hope but one day i decided to go to this girl and just say hi and asked if she would like to have lunch with me some time , just innocent questions i thought niceness would win me her heart she just gave me a dirty look and walked of , the next day at school my life just got even worse my little harmless question was all over the school and just added to my bad reputation for the rest of my school life. Allison was now taking cum inside her ass and pussy as well as swallowing years’ worth of warm outdated cum I waited till all 3 tanks were emptied inside her body I withdrew all tubes and saw a beautiful slut with a massive belly, broken ass and a stuffed mouth I gave her a little poke in the stomach her stomach retracted and cum gooped out of her veteran fucked cunt and shitted out a large river of cum from her ass and threw up all the cum that was in her throat

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